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KEF 33 the revered vinyl option

KEF 33 the revered vinyl option

$ 65.00 

KEF 33 on digital and pre order have sold out.

what remains? these 175 copies just for you.

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What is KEF 33? 

The paranoid ravings of the shamanic? The delusional grandeurs of the prophetic?
My first attempt at an album under my birth name, R.A.P. Ferreira. 
Produced entirely by Scallops Hotel except the final track, #11 enoch light, which is produced by the vision seer, E L U C I D. 

At this time, I'd had Soulfolks Records awhile and was more than proficient at digging for samples and mixing my own work. I began growing confident in the statements I wanted to make as an artist but there still felt something missing. Perhaps breath. I would play this project for a number of advisors and elders. The most memorable feedback I received was from Erykah Badu and I do appreciate her ears. Ultimately I was led to contacting my close collaborator, Kenny Segal and beginning to mold the project anew as Purple Moonlight Pages. I elaborated and sculpted on many of the KEF 33 rhymes, enough to where this project felt fully formed in that version. 

However now, looking back, I hear important things here. It isn't so obvious to me anymore which version is the "real" one. I want to share that ambiguity with you. KEF 33 is my glimpse of the altered destiny, through the grand lobby doors of the Scallops Hotel. 

We do hope you enjoy your stay. 


02 viewfinder
03 accept the mystery
04 as it pleases me
05 witness
06 divine era ft bronze kafka 
07 nimzo indian (my regards) 
09 understanding
10 chamber music 
11 enoch light (prod E L U C I D)