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bob’s son: tape

bob’s son: tape

$ 40.00

this is the album bob’s son on cassette. it was made entirely by r.a.p. ferreira & scallops hotel to honor the spirit of the Black American Poet as well as a figurehead of our lineage, Bob Kaufman. the price includes shipping & handling. if you’re somehow not knowing, we also created a virtual reality cafe with our friend Bowman Mars where the record is playing in its entirety for you right now: cafe.rubyyacht.com

as is the ruby yacht way, this tape has the whole album on each side. no need to flip in the middle. enjoy. 

p.s., if you’re someone who really needs quick turnaround and amazon-esque customer service: DO NOT BUY FROM US. 
we are artists & outcasts. the work is already in the world. buying this is less about owning a physical item than it is supporting our bad habits ;)